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WDO Discusses VAWG in Latest The Talk Episode

Cairo, December 10th, 2023 – The Women Development Organization (WDO) held Sunday the sixth episode of its monthly online series, The Talk to tackle violence against women and girls (VAWG).

The series aims to tackle topics surrounding women that are not frequently talked about but need to be addressed. The sixth episode of the series, titled ‘Hidden Bruises; Vow to End VAW’ was part of WDO’s participation in the 16 days of activism campaign. It was hosted by the accomplished Palestinian Dr. Oraib Toukhly.

Dr. Toukhly earned her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University, along with two master’s degrees from the same institution. She currently works as an Adjunct Professor at Nova Southeastern University, where she teaches in both doctoral and master’s programs. She also received specialized training at Harvard University in Humanitarian Response Initiatives, and her dedication to humanitarian refugee outreach has earned her the College of Psychology’s Dean Recognition Award and the Student of the Year Award.

The episode started with the speakers introducing and defining violence against women and girls, highlighting that VAWG isn’t only physical, but sometimes emotional and mental. Dr. Toukhly emphasized the effects and consequences of silent and unseen violence.

The conversation then moved to examine the subtle forms of intimate partner violence and the intersection between love and manipulation. The speakers then began exploring how can women recognize the warning signs and identify indicators of being in an abusive relationship.

Later on, the discussion touched on the motivations and factors driving abusive behavior, and whether or not the abuser recognizes their actions as abusive.

The next topic discussed was the power and control wheel of abuse to deconstruct the dynamics of intimate partner violence. The episode also discussed the Battered Woman Syndrome and the psychological impacts of abuse and violence, before highlighting the importance of seeking help and support and empowering survivors of intimate partner violence to access resources.

Attendees then got the chance to join in the conversation, by sharing their thoughts and asking their questions. WDO Would like to thank Dr. Toukhly for sharing her experience and knowledge, and for all the attendees who took the time to join and participate in The Talk! Check WDO’s website and social media profiles to learn more about the upcoming projects and programmes, and don’t forget to join the next episode of The Talk!

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