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Introducing the Programs

The WDO being the steering OIC Organ for women’s empowerment and gender equality, its first Programmatic cycle is anchored on four main pillars which are Economic Empowerment and Financial Inclusion, ending all Forms of Violence against women and girls and harmful practices (VAW & HPs), Strengthening the Role of Women in Preventing and Fighting Corruption and Women’s Leadership in Promoting Peaceful and Inclusive Societies.

The choice of these thematic areas stems from high-level intensive consultations with OIC Ministerial Experts and WDO’s current Member States as well as, the need to align with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Plan of Action for the Advancement of Women (OPAAW) and the different OIC resolutions relevant to women issues.


WDO Thematic Areas

Women Economic Empowerment

One of the mandates of WDO is to support member states in their efforts to achieve women’s economic empowerment and financial Inclusion through a wide range of strategies and programs

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Ending Violence Against Women

WDO aims to carry out interventions aimed at addressing violence against women throughout their life cycle and harmful practices including female

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Role Of Women in Fighting Corruption

WDO under this pillar aims to improve the understanding of the linkages between Gender and Corruption and also build capacities of its Member States on how to mutually reinforce

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Women’s Leadership in Promoting Peaceful and Inclusive Societies

This pillar aims at supporting WDO member states to make peace processes gender-responsive as well as empower women to become powerful actors

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